Daekeun park

Phone 031-850-8984
Email dkpark@cha.ac.kr
Major Finance and Banking

Jooheon Kim

Phone 031-850-8966
Email jkim@cha.ac.kr
Major International Business

Yonghwan Kim

Phone 031-881-7020
Email yhk@cha.ac.kr
Major Technology Management

Taedong Kim

Phone 031-850-8967
Email ktdong@cha.ac.kr
Major Accounting and Tax

Heejung Lee

Phone 031-850-8969
Email hjlee@cha.ac.kr
Major Marketing and Tourism Management

Euk Hwan Kim

Phone 031-850-8968
Email ekim@cha.ac.kr
Major Organization and HRM

Sangmin Lee

Phone 031-850-8993
Email slee@cha.ac.kr
Major Data Analytics & Operations Management

Hyoyoung Kim

Phone 031-850-9053
Email hykim@cha.ac.kr
Major Data Science

Youngdon Noh

Phone 031-850-8944
Email ydnoh@naver.com
Major International Trade

Christian Kim

Phone 031-850-9350
Email conestar@cha.ac.kr
Major Business English

Jinkai Zhang

Phone 031-850-9353
Email kelvinsoul@cha.ac.kr
Major Business Chinese